aLandlords and Lettings Agencies

We Can carry out the following for you;

  • Arrange a day and timed call
  • Collect keys from your chosen office
  • Liaising with your tenants on your behalf
  • Our Landlord Services – We can repair, maintain or install your replacement appliances
  • Our engineers undertake domestic appliance repairs on behalf of Landlords and Property managers throughout the Wrexham and surrounding area.
  • We have packages to suit all needs.
  • We also have discounts for Students and OAP’s in residential homes available.


bWashing Machine Repairs

Whether you are in Fareham, Portsmouth or Southampton we have experienced washing machine repair engineers waiting to respond to your needs. All of our engineers are trained on all the major washing machine brands with the average repair costing between £50/60

Common faults with washing machines that we can repair are:-

  • Your washing machine fills when it isn’t supposed to be
  • The machine is not draining properly
  • The water is not heating correctly
  • No water entering the washing machine
  • The washing machine leaking
  • The washing machine program is not completing, or stopping mid-cycle
  • Washing machine error codes showing
  • The lights are not working and ceased operation
  • The laundry is not being cleaned completely
  • Electrical problems with the machine such as fusing and tripping
  • The doors are jammed
  • There is excess noise coming from the machine
  • The fabric compartment is not being used or is filling up with water
  • Washing machine fills when OFF

Rather than spending money and time purchasing a new washing machine, contact Home Appliance Repair to get your washing machine repaired and working again quickly.


ind-tdr-idv75-wTumble Dryer Repairs

When your tumble dryer isn’t working as well as it should, or if it has broken down completely.

Typical types of tumble dryer faults that we can repair are:-

  • The tumble dryer is noisy
  • There is no drum movement
  • There is no heat in the tumble dryer
  • The lights come on but the tumble dryer doesn’t start
  • Fusing
  • Leaking
  • Burning
  • There are error codes
  • The filter light is coming on although the filter is clear
  • Poor drying
  • Clothes are very creased

dCookers and Oven Repairs

Cookers and electric ovens from time to time can suffer from a range of various faults. If you are experiencing a domestic nightmare with your cooker or electric oven, no matter how minor, it’s important that you seek help and advice from a professional Cooker or Electric Oven Repair Specialist.

Common faults that occur with Cookers and Ovens that we can repair are:-

  • Replacement Oven Elements
  • Faulty Hotplates
  • Interior Light Not Working
  • Replacement Handles
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • New Fan Motors
  • Replacement Door Hinges

eDishwasher Repairs

  • A dishwasher that doesn’t run right or doesn’t run at all or just does a poor job of cleaning.
    Dishwasher not heating
  • Not cleaning
  • Not heating
  • Leaking
  • Tripping rcd
  • Door hinges